Firefighter Gear Bag

Sunday, February 7, 2010

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This Firefighter Gear Bag is a great way to store and carry all of your gear.

The bag shown in this photo was a custom order for a Volunteer Fireman to carry all of his gear. This bag features a step in design, and Big enough to hold all of your gear in 1 bag.

This Gear bag will hold all of your items including
* Fire boots with pants attached
* Fire Coat
* Helmet
* Extra room

* constructed of a heavy duty canvas
* in side is fully lined.
* 2 outside pockets
These pockets are great to throw your wallet, keys, cell phone or any other items in your pockets when you need to change into your gear quickly.

Would you like a custom made Fireman’s Gear Bag? This bag is made to order.
Please contact Terrie at


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